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Birthday: October 8, 1985
Location: Folsom, CA

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Total Entries: 31
Total Won/Lost: -$1,395.00
Total Hours: 78
Earnings/Hour: -$17.75
Biggest Win: $342.00
Biggest Loss: -$600.00


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May 2007 Log Entries

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May 29, 2007, 6PM: Played 2 hours, Lost $65.00 at Lucky Derby
$50 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (16th out of 86 Players)

I think I played well.  I made pretty much all good decisions, made a couple good bluffs.  My mistakes were making a raise with a marginal hand, and having to call into a hand that had me dominated, I did this with A 10 into A Q, and A Q into AA.  Both times it was in early position, but I had cards, and was steeling the blinds.
I think I need to take a lesson from Tony when I he says that the right math decision isn't always the right decision in a tourny.  And he's right.  I lost both those hands, crippling me in chips.  I built backup, only to make a small call ont he BB w/ K 6.  When the flop came all harts, I got all my chips in on a nut flush draw and missed, sending me home.
I was so close to the money, and all I had to do was muck my BB when someone raised, I coulda gotten paid.  This REALLY frustrates me.
I think that when it gets down to the wire I might push a little to hard, when I should do a little more sitting back unless the table is really timid.  People weren't shy to play, and I wasn't incredibly short on chips, I did have 10x the BB.  I think next time I'll be a bit more patient, and let other people to the busting out.  At least I won 100 points to the BOP...

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May 29, 2007, 4PM: Played 2 hours, 30 minutes, Made $65.00 at Lucky Derby
$5 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

Won enough to buy into the tourny, but never caught any big hands int he right situations.  I don't think I've been lucky in the sense of having a hand and getting paid off by another big hand. 
This session was kind of a struggle, but I made almost all good decisions, other than making a small call into a made flush.

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May 23, 2007, 11PM: Played 5 hours, Lost $600.00 at Deuces Wild
$3 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

Ouch.  Don't think I played bad, just ran stupid cold, and refused to give up.  Oops.

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May 22, 2007, 6PM: Played 1 hour, 30 minutes, Lost $65.00 at Lucky Derby
$50 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (42nd out of 83 Players)

Not sure what else I could have done.  I wanted to play aggressively and put myself in good position to win, so I took some gambles.  Worked every time but once.

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May 22, 2007, 3PM: Played 2 hours, 45 minutes, Lost $400.00 at Lucky Derby
$5 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

Played well at first.  Was winning some small pots, then I decided to tighten up.  When I did I picked up KK, and read my opponent on an underpair when the board flopped A hi.  He had A q and I was bust.
After that I rebought another $200, and played not so hot, being impatient, trying to bluff, and chasing draws that missed.  I didn't do anything really stupid, other than feeling frustrated after losing that big pot.  making a bad decision always pisses me off.  Oops.

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May 22, 2007, 1PM: Played 1 hour, 30 minutes, Made $107.00 at Lucky Derby
$4/8 Texas Hold'em

Played really well, not usually my game, but plated well and made som $waiting for the NL game to open up.

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May 21, 2007, 7PM: Played 4 hours, 45 minutes, Made $89.00 at Deuces Wild
$3 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

I feel really proud of myself after this session.  The financial increase doesn't tell half the story.  I bought in for $100, lost playing well, then the same thing, 2 moretimes.  I went out on hands like nut flush vs. streight-flush, and JJ vs. AQ.  I was getting my money in good and either getting coolered or being drawn out on.
After being in for $300 I almost decided to leave, but realized that I was playing VERY well, and taking the beats without going on tilt, and that I could still get paid off on this table.  I threw another $100 down and ground it out, playing very basic, ABC poker.  After a little double up to $160 when I flopped 3 10's, and rivered a boat I started feeling better.  After that I never really droped below $100.  I knew I had a tight and solid reputation, and the table was tight, so I started buying pots, only in good situations, and showing the hands occasionally.  This money kept me afloat while I waited for my next big hand.  A couple lucky flops from the blind, and some good fortune came my way.  I doubled up again, and then started picking up a small pot here at there.
At 10:30 I decided I would leave at 11:30, at the time I only had about $180.  I built up, didn't drop off, and cashed out a little ahead.  I feel VERY good overall, and feel like I was really tested as a pro player, and I feel like I passed.

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May 18, 2007, 8PM: Played 3 hours, 30 minutes, Lost $200.00 at Pheonix
$2 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

I don't really know how well I really played.  In the end I realized I didn't take my time and think before acting, but onthe other hand, I think I was making good decisions overall.  I kinda donked around a bit trying to create action, but in the end I got my money in in good situations. 
Just gotta eat this one up as not my night, it was a HORRIBLE table.  Get past it and move on.

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May 16, 2007, 10PM: Played 3 hours, Made $194.00 at Deuces Wild
$3 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

Started off playing somewhat porely.  I was playing a lot of mediocre hands and trying to get lucky, being a very active action player.  This cost me 2.5 $100 buy ins.  On the 3rd buy in I decided to try and use this table image and play good.  I decided I HAD to win, and there was no other option.  I lost half of #3 on a lose call, and the other half missing a big draw.
I decided I would give it one more shot, and that buy in #4 had to make me some money.  I played very very well.  I started catching big hands, and my table image helped me get paid off multiple times, and for lots of $. I went a bit over $400 and cooled off a bit.  I started trying to 'play poker' and make good reads against the second best player at the table.  This cost me some money because I was sort of playing on scared money, and was calling and bluffing without firing all the bullets.
I realized I needed to stay out of his was without a big hand when I was a bit over $300.  I started showing my lose image again, and started getting paid again with some BIG hands.
I went up right aroung $500-$600, and started thinking about going home.  We merged tables, and I realized that the cards slowed, the action slowed, and I starting thinking about going home, which, means i need to go, NOW.  Worked out well and I'm VERY proud of how I played.

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May 15, 2007, 6PM: Played 2 hours, 30 minutes, Lost $65.00 at Lucky Derby
$50 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (19th out of 81 Players)

Played great up until it was about time to pick up some blinds.  Moved in as the big stack w/ Q 10, BB woke up w/ A Q.  I bluffed in the right spots, and picked up some blinds, never really had a big hand plus a big flop to actually 'play poker' with.  It was more like all about well timed aggression.  Lesson learned, I needed to be more cautious about what I moved in with when the blinds are huge compared to people stacks.  Need to wait for them to move with bad hands and snap them off with mediocrity, or push with big hands and get called.
At least I won 100 points to the BOP... whatever that stands for, it's the Derby's TOC.

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